5322 Red Sandalwood Butsudan with Automatic Inner Doors and Slide Out Table


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5322 Exceptional Red Sandalwood Butsudan with Automatic Inner Doors and Slide-Out Table

  • Available color(s): Red Sandalwood
  • Material: Wood
  • Accommodates Standard or Special Okatagi (large) Gohonzon
  • Measurements in inches: 60" H x 22" W x 18.5" D
  • Riser available
  • One-piece Butsudan (no assembly required)
  • Slide in-and-out table for offerings and bell set
  • Automatic inner doors and light included
  • Remote included

Description: This modern red sandalwood Butsudan is beautifully crafted, decorated with diamond-shaped golden ornamentation on the inner doors. It has a slide in-and-out table and drawers under the left side of the table. Up to 5.6" diameter bell can be stored below the table on the right side. When doors are fully closed, Butsudan blends in with home decor.

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