Used 6230 Premium Ebony Shoji Butsudan with Automatic Doors

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Used Vintage 6230 Premium Ebony Shoji Butsudan with Automatic Inner Doors

  • Available color(s): Ebony
  • Material: Wood
  • Accommodates special Okatagi Gohonzon (Large Gohonzon)
  • Measurements in inches: 68" H x 32.5" W x 30.5" D
  • Maximum door allowance : 30.5"
  • Wide view
  • Two piece stack-able Butsudan: main and base (no assembly required)
  • Automatic inner doors and light included
  • Remote included

Description: This traditional style Butsudan is truly deluxe. The handcrafted shoji doors feature gold embroidered silk and superior carving. The rich dark-hued ebony wood is carved in more intricate patterns than our standard models. The Butsudan has three sets of doors.

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